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"Wow! - Scott really nails it in this book. This is a soul-stirring and life-changing message." Dean Renfro
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  • Discover the #1 reason the church has been stifled from experiencing true expression and revival.
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  • Discover a life that is free from fear, anxiety, and worry.
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"Ready To Make a Difference?" Will Give You Greater Clarity About Your Future!
Ready To Make A Difference...
Will Unlock The Limitations That Have Stifled and Stopped You From Stepping Into What God Has For You!
From: Scott Johnson
Littleton, CO
Let's be honest about it, the churches we attend have not been that great when it comes to releasing people into their purpose.

It is the BIG ELEPHANT that sits on the back pew of every church that no one wants to talk about. The problem is that it is stifling the real power that is resident in believers like you and me to really make a difference and impact!
I'm Talking About Kingdom Impact And Results In EVERY Area of Your Life!
This book will reveal how to experience the unforced rhythms of God's grace in your marriage, your family, the relationships around you, your career, business, and health. And, YES, even in the middle of your worst day!

Ready To Make a Difference? will heal your soul and set you on fire as you discover God's blueprint for your life.

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Diana Ward
Extraordinary Woman of God
"I have read and benefited from all of Scott's books, and this one is no exception."
I have known Scott Johnson for almost two decades, and his spiritual wisdom has helped and encouraged me many times and through many challenges and personal crises throughout those years.

His relationship with and knowledge of God have always been impressive and inspiring to me.

Scott's desire to encourage and build up others is always unwaveringly present, and given my life and church experience, particularly refreshing. He has much to offer and is always ready to give it generously.

I have read and benefited from all of his books, and this one is no exception. The truths and helps that he illustrates in this book are things that my husband and I learned through similar experiences over our 40 years of ministry.

If you read this book you will probably feel a "light bulb turn on" and I guarantee that you will be encouraged to go forward and to shine in the life God has given you, no matter where you are in your life and spiritual growth.
"I recommend Scott's Book, 'Ready To Make a Difference?' to anyone looking to discover their purpose and blueprint."
Bonnie Duell
Founder, with “late” husband Dave Duell: Faith Ministries Denver Church, Faith Ministries Network, Duell Ministries
Scott Johnson, a longtime friend and a prolific writer, is a man who desires all to know their specific life passions. In this latest book, Scott makes the case for discovering your unique gift, your brand, that you will use to serve others; that gift where “God and you blend together!”

One of my favorite phrases from this book: “Genius poured genius into an earthen vessel.” Wow! Meditating on that alone will forever change your life.

Find out how to discard false beliefs and mindsets that keep you from experiencing God’s reality for you, your identity as God intended. Discover your purpose and blueprint.

After all, you are made in the image of God. Why not act like this is true!
Dean Renfro
Pastor, Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team and 3 Time Amazon Best Selling Author
"Wow! - Scott really nails it in 'Ready to Make Difference?' This is a soul-stirring and life-changing message."
His keen insights into helping you discover and live your life's mission and purpose is soul-stirring and life-changing. From the first story to the last page, the thought-provoking theme is to ask yourself what's my purpose, find it and then act on it. For me as a fellow pastor, Scott nails it when he says, It is to be a life that exemplifies our own personal blueprint on a daily basis."

As Scott unfolds he and Debra's journey of discovering their purpose - it lays a path about how you can discover your purpose and then create a blueprint of how to live it out. Interlaced with biblical truths it speaks directly to a great principle - "There is no longer secular and spiritual kingdom living, there is only kingdom living that invades every aspect of our lives."

If you want to find your purpose (and who doesn't?) and then build a blueprint to live it out, this book is just what you need. I highly recommend it!