Ready To Make a Difference

Living an “OK” life rather than an outstanding life can boil down to simply not having a complete understanding of God’s view and opinion of you and then harmonizing yourself to it.

We live in a world where there is a constant push to diminish and disqualify us from making a difference. Questions arise about where true identity and motivation comes from. Our world, culture, and environment in which we grow up, are said to be where we find it. Unfortunately, most people define themselves by their condition and circumstance in life.

We end up living our lives by default, reacting to circumstances, accommodating people and conditions around us. This book will unlock your life to finding and fulfilling your call and purpose.

Grace Empowered Living teaches people that they are defined by their creator which surpasses any and all else. This definition tells us we are valuable and loved beyond measure. It breaks the chains of control over our lives from living from the outside in, to the inside out. As a result, you become an unstoppable force.