An Amazon Best Seller – We Did It!

Your Voice Your Message - Leave a LegacyThank you all for your help in getting my newest book out to the market. With the combined effort of so many great friends the book hit #4 as a top seller.

It in fact reached the coveted best seller list in two categories, Marketing and Small business!  Your Voice, Your Message will go on to inspire, assist others around the world.

EVERYONE has a voice and message… What is yours? What gift, experiences, knowledge and expertise do you hold in your hand that others can learn and grow from? This book is your flash light in a dark room that will give you clarity about why you were put on this Earth.  It will lead you into my 3 step process  which is to Discover Your Voice, Design Your Voice and Deploy Your Voice Into your world.

If you would like to pick up your own copy and haven’t had a chance yet, you can Clicking Here and visiting  Some have asked what inspired you to write this book? I’ll have to say it is something that has been stirring on the inside of me for years.

I’ve looked at my own life experience and believed deeply that I had something to give to my world but felt stuck. I also knew that my life probably wasn’t any different from that of many others around me. People have a desire to live intentionally but life has a way of taking you off course and knocking the wind out of you.

Everyone has a voice and gift to give to their world. It is that gift that allows us the opportunity to leave a legacy, that life was “well lived”. The worst thing anyone could do is to go to their grave with their gift buried with them.  If I can simply get people to think more purposely about their life and the legacy they leave behind, I’ve accomplished my mission.

Finding your Passion – Release your Potential


I want to speak to you about unreleased potential.

I have a question for you, what would you say is the most expensive property or land in any given city, possibly your town your City where you live. Would it be the centers of commerce and trade would be the where the bank buildings are at where the vaults and money are kept? Could it possibly be in New York City at the Federal Reserve building where it is reported that underneath the building there are the billions and billions of dollars and gold reserves kept there.

What would you say is the most expensive valuable land? Well I’m here to tell you I’m standing on that property, I’m standing in a place right now. This is by far is the most expensive, valuable land on the planet! In any given city you’re going to find a graveyard just like this. Represented here are the lives of thousands and thousands of people who really never got that opportunity to live out there full potential. What do I mean by full potential? I’m talking about your spiritual life, your physical life were it concerns your health, energy and vitality. I’m talking about your relationships, I’m talking about all areas, even your financial life.

Right here, many of these people are represented.  In fact statistics tell us that less than 3% of our society ever understands or gets the opportunity live out their full potential. The sad thing is, that many of the same things that stopped these people from living there life fully, are the same things that stop and you and I in our life?

Release Your Potential

How can we correct that, how can we adjust that, how can we step outside of the norm? Standing in this grave yard and the people represented here is considered normal! Only 3% had that opportunity. The question to you is, what percent do you want to be, where do you want to live your life at, what do you want to achieve? That’s why I tell people, Find your Voice, Live your Passion and Touch your World! That’s part my passion is that yours? I want to help you to release your potential.

Right now you can subscribe to my Gift Finder Tool. This is something that I developed that will help you discover your “superpower” in other words, your strengths. Acknowledging and building on your strengths and not your weaknesses is one of the best places for you to start. Simply click and visit to take me up on my free offer:

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release your potential –  Discover How You Can Make a Difference,
Leave a Legacy, Make a Living by Sharing your Story and Passion

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Leave a Legacy – Don’t let your gift go to the grave

Leave a legacy

Every person has within themselves the seeds of purpose, but it lies dormant until it is activated. Much like the Acorn from the mighty Oak tree that lies dormant until it is placed in the right environment. Contained within the Acorn are the ingredients and DNA for greatness but it must be planted, watered and receive the sunshine it needs in order to be activated.

I recently visited a grave yard and came upon the grave stone of an unfortunate girl named Mary Ann. Unfortunately Mary Ann died at the young age of four and never had the opportunity to live a rich full meaningful life. No one really knows what Mary would have achieved if she had not died prematurely. It is remarkable when you think about the potential of one life has if lived fully. What a tragedy it must have been for the family to have never had the opportunity to see their little girl grow up.

As I stood next to Mary Ann’s grave, I couldn’t help but think about the many hundreds of other lives represented there in the same grave yard. These were people who lived a full life yet many for one reason or another was not able to live their dream, they never found their voice. Their lives weren’t cut short, they had an entire life time filled with opportunities yet for the most part found excuses.

Leave a Legacy

leave a legacyFinding your voice really is finding your authority, taking ownership of your life and direction. The truth of the matter we succumb way to often to voices of others around us. We all to often end up spending our entire lives reacting to circumstances, accommodating people and conditions instead of being a proactive voice in the world and becoming the instrument of change. This is what it takes to leave a legacy.

Being a voice in the world happens when you connect with your unique purpose and help move the planet forward. What this means for you is that you have been given the capacity to be a proactive cause, that brings life to your world through your individual uniqueness. I am discovering that rather than reacting to circumstances, I can become one. I can put myself out there in such a way that people react or respond to me.

What this means is that I can become proactive rather than reactive and by doing so live a more rich fulfilling life.  The sad truth is that statistics tell us that only 3% of our world live a life of fulfillment. I don’t want you to leave your legacy, your potential buried in the ground. Discover the formula for living a rich full life by discovering your voice, developing your vice and releasing it to the world around you.

Remember, Find your voice, Live your Passion, Touch your World!


I have a passion to help ignite and activate your voice in the world. I want to send you my new book for just .99 cents. Find out more by visiting my pre publication offer.


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Leave a legacy –  Discover How You Can Make a Difference,
Leave a Legacy, Make a Living by Sharing your Story and Passion

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8 Reasons You Should Be Happy When You Fail

Image Credit | Thepursuitofhappyness

Have you failed at something lately?  If you have, great job.  There isn’t anyone on this planet who can truthfully say they haven’t failed at something at some point in their life.

Failing is a natural part of the growing, maturing and development process of the human race.  We fail because we are growing, we are exploring and we want solutions to life’s problems. We were meant to be curious, and curiosity will eventually lead us to success, but failure is a part of it all.

Unfortunately, we were taught that our failures were a sign weakness, bad luck and bad attempts at trying to improve our lives. The very same mistakes that are a sign of our ongoing attempt at living have been used to discourage and undermine our efforts to become better people.

Whenever we fail, we are tempted to fall apart, get down on ourselves and feel like our lives are over.  We question our intelligence and reason for doing what we did in the first place.

“Failure is an event, not a person.” – Zig Ziglar

Since we all make mistakes, you must remember that the mistake is never the issue it’s the way you choose to deal with your emotions when you do.  You will feel bad when you fail, and that is normal but giving up on your dreams is never the right thing to do.

Below are 8 steps that will help to free you from the fear of
making mistakes or assist you in forgiving yourself:

1. If you are not making mistakes, you aren’t trying

To improve and succeed at any task, you must be willing to take the risk and taking risk means you might fail.  It is only natural for you to feel bad when you do, but you must remember, that is a sign you are making an attempt to find solutions to life’s problems.  Do not dwell on those mistakes but use them as a learning tool.  Learn the lessons and move on.  If you learn the lessons from your mistakes, you won’t make them again, and you will become stronger, wiser and more experienced.

2. Everybody makes mistakes

As human beings, we are bound to mess up, and that does not exclude anyone.  There are no road maps for dealing with life.  We live our lives by trial and error, so we will make mistakes. Even if someone else has done the job before, to take it to another level you run the risk of making a mistake.  Do not be deterred by that, but view it as an indication you are on to something and something special. Look at what you have done and work harder, but do not give up. You will eventually succeed if you do not quit.

Winston Churchill

3. Your failures are signs you are improving

When you find that you are making mistakes doing the right thing, do not become disheartened, it could mean you are on the right track.  Be encouraged and motivated knowing that your mistakes are helping you to become better at what you are doing.  You will also become stronger and more knowledgeable.  Work hard to make sure your mistakes are better every time.

4. Your failure means you are very courageous

It takes courage to make an attempt at something you have no idea will work or not.  You are investing your time, energy and money into something you have no idea what the results will be.  Even though you might have failed, the fact that you gave it everything you’ve got says a lot about who you are as a person.  Being courageous doesn’t mean you won’t be afraid, it only means even though you are scared to death you are courageous enough to make an attempt.

5. Your failures make you much stronger

After you have failed a few times, you would have become so much more resilient.  When you have failed it is normal to be discouraged, frustrated and even angry but if you choose to get over your disappointment and anger, you will realize how much stronger you are.  You will also be more determined to succeed and to prove to yourself and others that you can indeed succeed.

“Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki

6. Your failures help you to grow

When you have failed and have gotten over your disappointment, you are much more likely to dig deeper within you for strength you didn’t even know you had.  You will realize what you are truly made of and how resilient you are.  To become stronger and to grow you have to be stretched, and failure will help you to find within you the strength to continue.  Failure helps you move away from what is comfortable.

Many of us understand that sometimes things happen for a reason, and even though when we have failed the reasons aren’t necessarily clear at the time we know it does.  People who are open, will understand that their failure offers several other opportunities for them.  The saying when one door closes many more open is so true.  You must be willing to see the opportunities and go after them.  Failure is just one door closing with many more opening because of it.  Failure is never the end of your dream but the beginning of something bigger and better.

7. Your failures provide an opportunity for you to learn new things

Look at some of the most important people in history and see how they view failure. Thomas Edison said he didn’t fail he only found thousands of ways to solve the problem.  He was saying he was learning several other ways to solve the same problem.  This is the mentality you should develop.  Failure is not the end but an opportunity to learn something new and to try another method to solve the problem.

8. Your failure provides you with other solutions you never saw coming

If you never try you will never know if your ideas will work or not.  If you do not try, you will never know that you would have failed either, but it is better to have failed than to have regrets that you didn’t at least try.  Sometimes you are attempting to achieve something but the result is something totally different but even greater. Sometimes your failures turn out to be your best success story.

You will fail and continue to fail as long as you are prepared to attempt something foreign to you but do not give up.  Use your failures as stepping stone to your goals as the normal course of life and they should never be seen as a misfortune.

Use your failures as opportunities for further growth.

When you have hit a bad patch dig deeper, and you
will eventually succeed if you do not give up.


Rose Costas is a big believer in the power of facing your challenges head on and then boldly wear your scars to show others that they too can be triumphant.  She is an accountant by profession with a new found passion for blogging and a future author and best seller. You can received her amazing free Ebook  “34 Ways to Build Your Confidence Today”.