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8 Reasons You Should Be Happy When You Fail

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Have you failed at something lately?  If you have, great job.  There isn’t anyone on this planet who can truthfully say they haven’t failed at something at some point in their life. Failing is a natural part of the growing, maturing and development process of the human race.  We fail because we are growing, we are exploring and we want solutions to life’s problems. We were meant to be curious, and curiosity will eventually lead us to success, but failure is a part of it all. Unfortunately, we were taught that our failures were a sign weakness, bad luck and […]

An Amazon Best Seller – We Did It!

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Thank you all for your help in getting my newest book out to the market. With the combined effort of so many great friends the book hit #4 as a top seller. It in fact reached the coveted best seller list in two categories, Marketing and Small business!  Your Voice, Your Message will go on to inspire, assist others around the world. EVERYONE has a voice and message… What is yours? What gift, experiences, knowledge and expertise do you hold in your hand that others can learn and grow from? This book is your flash light in a dark room […]

Leave a Legacy, You Can Make A Difference!

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I want you to see your life, business and mission in a way that you possibly have never seen it before. I know that down deep inside of you, you have a desire to make a difference and leave a legacy, I know that I do… And that is why I am reaching out to you. My new book, YOUR VOICE YOUR MESSAGE launches today.  It will inspire you and give you the tools and knowledge you need to take that next step and leave a legacy. EVERYONE has a voice and message… What is yours? What gift, experiences, knowledge […]

Are You a Topic Expert, Know Somebody Who Is?

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I am excited to announce the roll-out of TopicExpertHUB.com Are you someone who feels they have value to add to the lives of others around them? We want to help you get your message, products and services in front of your target prospects. Not only can we put you in front of one, you can be presenting to groups as a speaker, presenter. How powerful is that? Debra and I have had the privilege of working with so many wonderful people in this industry, we thought that it was time to give back! Topic Expert HUB is a connection place […]

The Law of Recognition #1 – Ideas Are a Dime a Dozen

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The first time I met Joe Sabah was at a seminar that he was teaching. He spoke of an invention he had created as a young child. He remembers the times that he sat in class and watched as other kids went to the teacher’s desk to sharpen their pencils. They would insert the pencil in one end and as they did, they would grab the handle with the other hand and start grinding away. Joe thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could attach some kind of motor apparatus to that sharpener that would make it so that the […]

Best Sellers Summit Review – Sneak peak inside

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Best Sellers Summit Review Have you ever had the desire to attend a marketing event but you couldn’t take the time off or afford it?  I’m providing the Best Sellers Summit Review  because I believe it is an opportunity for you to tap the brightest minds in Internet Marketing without the hassle of travel or expense. On today’s show, I give my honest Best Sellers Summit Review, which will give you direct access to hours of content, strategies and insider information that you can put to use in your own business. The Best Seller Summit will be a 4 day […]

Finding your Passion – Release your Potential

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. I want to speak to you about unreleased potential. I have a question for you, what would you say is the most expensive property or land in any given city, possibly your town your City where you live. Would it be the centers of commerce and trade would be the where the bank buildings are at where the vaults and money are kept? Could it possibly be in New York City at the Federal Reserve building where it is reported that underneath the building there are the billions and billions of dollars and gold reserves kept there. What would […]
Leave a legacy

Leave a Legacy – Don’t let your gift go to the grave

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Every person has within themselves the seeds of purpose, but it lies dormant until it is activated. Much like the Acorn from the mighty Oak tree that lies dormant until it is placed in the right environment. Contained within the Acorn are the ingredients and DNA for greatness but it must be planted, watered and receive the sunshine it needs in order to be activated. I recently visited a grave yard and came upon the grave stone of an unfortunate girl named Mary Ann. Unfortunately Mary Ann died at the young age of four and never had the opportunity to […]

Activating Your Potential for Greatness

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  Fabienne Fredrickson is someone I recently ran across, she is someone that echos much of what has stirred my own heart for years. I know that there you will be impacted as you watch her Tedtalk video. In this video Fabienne speaks about the 8 simple but powerful activators to greatness that you can put to work in your life and dreams. She present the question; What if nothing in your life up to now has been a coincidence? What if you have been preparing for this moment all along? In this compelling talk, Fabienne inspires us to embrace […]

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